Stylex Metrum Lounge


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Metrum offers traditional lounge functionality based on its well-considered proportions. Seat width and depth provide ample seating space, yet maintain an overall footprint suitable for contract. Metrum stands out for its potential to create endless, linear runs by offering a variety of sensible components. Depending on the elements specified, Metrum may be configured appropriately for hospitality, public-seating, workspace, residential, and traditional environments.


While Metrum offers traditional stand-alone units, it is at the same time fundamentally flexible. The modular armless seats, corners, arms and tables have all been designed to encourage wide-ranging creativity.

Design and Options:

  • Two back heights may be tied to benches, tables, and arms.
  • Choice of cast aluminum or wood legs.
  • Optional power ports.
  • 6 varieties of arm.

Sustainable Design Features:

  • CARB-Certified internal plywood frames
  • Recycled content aluminum legs
  • VOC-free powder coat finish
  • Water-based adhesives
$3,440 Manufacturer: Stylex Lead Time: 6 - 8 weeks
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