Stylex Brooks Stool


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With its stackability and wide-ranging choice of materials, Brooks is a sensible option for a broad array of multi-use requirements. The line’s chameleon-like flexibility makes it easy to specify the right model for cafeterias, work/lounge locations, executive dining, and numerous other uses. In fact, Brooks’ high level of finish and resolved aesthetics open the door to many guest applications as well.

Brooks is a multi-use stacking chair that was designed to provide a broad reach of possible applications. It may be ordered with or without arms in a range of models that includes fully upholstered; plastic seat/back; upholstered seat/plastic back; upholstered seat/wood back; or wood seat/back. Counter and bar height stools are available to complement the stacking versions. This variety of materials and models makes Brooks as flexible as any chair on the market today.

7/8” square steel legs set the aesthetic tone for Brooks. Still, the line is not a strictly rectilinear statement, as its cast aluminum back supports add grace with their subtle curves. Arms, whether nylon or aluminum, take the inter-play of different materials even further as they integrate directly into the back uprights. A close look makes it clear that many subtle challenges have been overcome to create this truly seamless product, one with no visible fasteners.

Design and options:
• Stackability
• Cast aluminum or nylon arms
• Seats and backs may be wood, plastic, or upholstered
• Optional wall saver legs

Sustainable design features:
• Level® 1 Certified
• Recycled content steel frame.
• Recycled content aluminum components.
• CFC-free polyurethane foam cushion (upholstered models)
• VOC-free powder coat finish
• Recycled content thermoplastic seat pan.
• Highly recyclable at end of service life.

$670 Manufacturer: Stylex Lead Time: 6 - 8 weeks Size: 24w x 18d x 31.5h