Sossego Tereza Stool

Guest | Dining

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counter stool 34.6″ H   17″ W   19.3″ D   24″ SH
barstool 40.3″ H   17″ W   20.7″ D   29.9″ SH

There’s something about Tereza. Full of spunk, verve, and brazen determination. She’s a simple modern beauty with just a hint of surprise. Her curved backrest offers the faintest curve (you could hardly call it a hug) to stabilize her occupant’s spine just so, then dips into an unexpected angle before dropping to her hind legs. Upholstery wraps neatly to the seat’s edges. Appearing to be a standard stool, upon closer look, she exposes an unanticipated twist.

Modern stool by Aristeu Pires handcrafted from sustainably harvested Brazilian wood features round, tapered legs, slightly splayed. Available in counter stool and barstool heights.

$680 Manufacturer: Sossego Lead Time: 10 - 12 weeks
Available Symbols: