Hightower Gimbal Jr.

Guest | Dining

Typical priced in standard finishes, the image may reflect alternate pricing.

It rocks, it rolls, it can even swivel – Gimbal Jr., the newest addition to the Gimbal family, is a unique multi-use chair that functions in many scenarios in the public space. A comfortable alternative to a meeting chair or a small-scale lounge option, Gimbal Jr. will quickly become a fan favorite in any environment. The options Gimbal Jr. provides make it a piece that adds functionality and style to all types of spaces. Utilize the rocker version in a lounge area for a fidgeter’s retreat. Incorporate the swivel version at a meeting table to make getting in and out of your seat a breeze. Get on a roll with Gimbal Jr. Wheeler, which takes flexibility to a whole new level. Finally, add a pivot table to turn the chair into a personal workstation. No matter how you spec it, Gimbal Jr. will be a sought-after seat.

$2,495 Manufacturer: Hightower Lead Time: 9 - 11 weeks